International Exhibition of machinery, equipment China

With the desire to bring to the local engineering businesses the opportunity to access the latest technology products of the engineering industry, JSC Trade Fair and Advertising Vietnam (VIETFAIR) in collaboration with the company (foreign Economic Cooperation of China Light Industry, Co., Ltd. Vietnam international Exhibition Million Hong Kong ...) to hold simultaneously two major events in the period from 31/7 to 3/8 / 2013 at the Expo Center Saigon (SECC).

It shows Machinery and equipment China 14th (Chinamac Fair 2013) and the International Exhibition of Technology welding and metal cutting 2nd (Metal & Weld 2013).


Fair Chinamac Metal & Weld in 2013 and attracted 150 enterprises attended, with over 200 booths displaying and introducing the machinery and equipment on many fields, such as welding equipment and metal processing (equipment welding, CNC lathes, heat treatment equipment, molds and equipment, air compressors, power tools ...), engineering equipment (cranes, heavy equipment cranes, cranes, construction machinery, station concrete mixing, transportation equipment, crushing equipment, excavators ...), engineering products (equipment for animal husbandry and fisheries, food processing equipment and generator for farm ... ), machine tools (pumps, agricultural machinery, machine motors, compressors ...); machinery, packaging equipment, food processing (packaging machines, food processing machines ...) .

In addition, there are other machinery, equipment and paper production, printing equipment, textile ...

Ronghua Li, Director Chinamac Fair 2013 2013 Metal & Weld said, the period before the exhibition focuses primarily on product engineering construction, power generation equipment and lathes ... but the new point 2 This year's exhibition with the participation of many businesses cut production of welding equipment, with ample items, from high-speed welding machine against the most advanced processing, the digital welding machine portable welding machine ...

"Machinery and equipment on display at the 2013 Fair Chinamac Metal & Weld 2013 machines, modern equipment, high-tech multi-disciplinary, so the major manufacturers world production. The products are standards in the region and internationally, is widely consumed in many countries and regions, have received special appreciation of our customers, "Mr. Flowers said.

The good news is, in the period Chinamac Fair exhibition, Metal & Weld recently, a growing number of manufacturers, equipment distributors in Vietnam leading participants, introducing the product strengths in countries and regions.

These practical activities create favorable conditions for professionals, businesses, entrepreneurs in the areas exposed to new products and technologies, the opportunity to meet exchange of information between the business industry, helping businesses find co-production opportunities, technology transfer and business.

After any successful organization, Chinamac Fair 2013 Weld Metal & Exhibition 2013 to become industrial machinery - welding equipment and metal processing international professional, the professional world, large enterprises national and regional recognition.

The event is held annually to help boost trade promotion, promoting the industry and markets of the countries in the region and the world in general and Vietnam are two countries - China in particular.

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